Although the conversion of the University of Roorkee to IIT Roorkee happened in 2001, becoming the seventh institute in the IIT system, the engineering college was first established in 1847 (Thomason College of Engineering), making it the oldest engineering institution in Asia.


Design Innovation Center (DIC): The DIC strives to develop design and innovation as a culture while primarily addressing the relevant problems of the North-West Himalayan region and other national priority areas.
Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation and Management: The CoEDMM was established in 2006 with the aim of conducting the educational programs, cutting edge research and training on disasters, vulnerability and their mitigation
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell: The IPR Cell was established to create awareness and provide guidance regarding intellectual property rights and obligations within the framework of the IPR policy of the Institute.
Centre of Nanotechnology: Centre of Nanotechnology (CNT) is involved in developing state-of-the-art facilities at the institute and is vigorously pursuing interdisciplinary research on various current aspects of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
Rethink! The Tinkering Lab: The Tinkering Lab aims to provide world-class services to build the innovative projects. The mission of Tinkering Lab is to strengthen the bond between industry experts and youth and to strive towards the overall development of students, the Institute and the country.
TIDES: Technology Innovation & Development of Entrepreneurship Support (TIDES) facilitates incubation of new enterprises with innovative technologies by admitting them at its Incubation Centre and provides physical, technical, financial and networking supports and services.

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