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What is the size of the Arena? (dimensions, conditions, shape etc.)

Size of the arena is roughly 40m x 40m rough grass ground with random objects spread inside it.

What is the point distribution scheme of the challenge? Also, what are the judgement criteria?

There will be 5 mannequins randomly placed in the arena among other objects. Team that finds 4 out of 5 mannequins first will be declared first. The locations of these mannequins should be displayed on a map (say google map) with an accuracy of 5m.

What is the meaning of “Swarm Technology”?

Teams should use multiple drones working as a swarm to complete the mission.

What kind of frames are to be used? Are commercial-made frames allowed?

Objective of the mission is Object identification inside an arena in shortest possible time. Comercial frames of UAV may be allowed. However, IITR can decide this criteria as per their standards.

Does the processing need to be on-board or can be transmitted remotely?

Processing can be on-board or at the ground station. In any case, whoever identifies 4 mannequins out of 5 and correctly gives their location in minimum time wins.

Is it allowed to keep “master-slave technology”?


What does the drone have to do after detecting the target?

Pass the coordinates and display on a map a minimum 4 locations out of 5.

What is the meaning of “manual overrides” as mentioned in the rules?

The mission should be autonomous. Persons should not be flying it.

The original problem statement on the website states that the target is a 15cm green cube. But in the FAQs, it is stated that there will be 5 mannequins that are to be detected. Do you imply the 15cm cube by the word mannequin?

The word ‘Mannequin’ arose out of a confusion. The target is a cube of green color as mentioned in the original problem statement. There will be 5 such cubes in the arena. Whoever finds 4 in shortest time, wins that stage.

Can we use readymade flight controller boards to control the drone's flight or, do we need to develop our own flight controller board?

Readymade flight controller can be used.

After finding the object, how will you check the communication between the drones?

As soon as the final target is detected, all drones must terminate their mission and land back.

Request for a sample data set for the proposed problem.

Teams have to create their own sample data

Is the flight controller allowed?


Type of objects on the ground except for target

Can be any random objects, like bags, chairs, sticks etc etc. Any random objects available on the day can be placed in the arena.

Can we plan the path of drones at the venue?

Yes. But ideally, UAVs should plan their own path.

How many laptops can be used as the ground station?

One only

What will be the boundaries in the arena?

It will be roughly marked by white limestone powder. Latitude & Longitude of 4 corners of arena can be provided on the day if any team desires.

What will be the starting point of the UAV?

Any one point outside the arena as decided on the day.